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Thursday, 05 April 2012 14:38

The Best Easter Basket Hiding Ideas

Written by  Jesse Muench


The Best Easter Basket Hiding Ideas


The best Easter basket hiding places are ones that make for an entertaining morning for both parents and kids.  I can’t remember too many mornings that were more fun than Easter morning, and it wasn’t just about the candy and hard boiled eggs.  It was about the hunt, the search for your basket in the morning, and then the excitement when you finally found it.  I’ve had baskets hidden in spots that took exhausting hours to track down, locations that made me giggle, and places where you didn’t even think a basket could fit.

For a parent it takes a lot of thought and a bit of creativity to come up with some good locations.  Obviously for younger kids you may want to stick to something simple like under the bed or in the bathtub.  The list that follows, however, is for all the little detectives out there that seem to sniff out that candy in no time.  Having your kids find their basket in five minutes takes the fun out of it, so give some of these ideas a shot and be sure to let us know which ones work in the comment section below!


Outside/in the garage. Most kids will think anything outside of the house is off limits for basket hiding, which is exactly why you should hide it there.  You could set it somewhere as simple as next to your house, behind a bush, on the clothesline, in a bicycle basket, or in a car trunk.

In a coat in the closet. My parents actually used this one on me when I was younger.  Of all the hiding places I’ve seen this one stands out the most.  I looked for literally hours and didn’t find it until we were about to head out the door and I needed to put on my jacket.   The coat was on a hanger and they managed to stuff a pretty big basket halfway down the sleeve.

In the attic. If you have an attic where you store things the kids will be unlikely to go in the attic.  To make things even harder stash it in a storage box/container in the attic.  Most kids won’t take think of or take the time to go through each storage box, making it a prime location.

The dishwasher. This one is a classic one.  It is often used, yet often overlooked.  I mean how many kids do you know that like emptying the dishwasher, right?

In a pot in a cupboard. Stashing a basket in cupboard is likely to get it found quickly.  However if you add a second layer and put it inside a big pot in the way back behind other pots and pans it will increase the chances that it goes undetected.

In (almost) plain sight. Sometimes children expect their basket to be in such a hard to find spot that they completely overlook things right in front of their face.  Some ideas include in a shopping or grocery bag on the kitchen table, on chair pushed under a table, or mixed in with some stuffed animals.

I’m sure at least a couple of these ideas will have your kids stumped in search of their Easter baskets for a will.  What is the best Easter basket hiding place you’ve seen?  Have any hiding places you’d like to share?  Leave a comment below and let us know!


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